Dunnage Void Fill & Product Protection

Looking For A Reliable Load Securement Solution?

If you need your product to arrive at the customer’s receiving dock in the same condition that it left the loading dock, Litco Manufacturing can help! We make custom dunnage void fill solutions that properly block and brace your cargo, protecting it from shifting and damage throughout all phases of transit.

We provide load securement solutions for over-the-road (OTR) trucks, rail cars, and intermodal containers. Our products include corrugated void fillers, corner protectors, dunnage air bags, and anti-slip rubber mats. Litco also manufactures custom wooden crates for domestic and export shipping.

With Litco, you get a team of specialists who will work with you to solve your shipping challenges. We can identify the most effective solutions and provide custom loading patterns. We can also train your employees to efficiently and safely load your shipments.

If you’re looking for the best void fill solutions to safely transport products, check out all of our dunnage packaging solutions below.

Litco Products Available for Online Purchase

All Litco products are designed to Carry your products safely and
securely on through the most demanding supply chains.