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Litco International Announces New Prices on LITKIT

New Pricing for LITKIT® Universal Washing Machine Shipping Stabilization Kits

Buy LITKIT OnlineIn April of 2011, Litco International created an online store for our LITKIT® universal washing machine shipping stabilization kits.  Adopting an e-commerce strategy was instrumental in making it easier for customers to pay using credit cards, but ease of payment was not the only reason for adopting a shopping cart approach to sales.  Online sales also made it much easier for Litco to sell single inflation stabilization kits to new, non-traditional customers such as home owners. Thanks to overwhelming customer response, Litco has just announced a price reduction on LITKIT.  According to Chris Donadio, Sales Manager for Litco’s Load Securement & Transit Protective Packaging Division, “In LITKIT, we have an innovative product that has changed the way movers, service companies, and homeowners ship their washing machines.  As a company, we made a strategic decision to price LITKIT in such a way that customers would be much less likely to use other stabilization methods.  Our new pricing model takes an already outstanding product and makes it even better.”