Corner Protectors

Corner Protectors

cp-appliedCorner protectors are widely used as a cost effective, lightweight option for protecting the edges of palletized goods in transit. They are inexpensive enough to be considered disposable but are 100% recyclable. Note: our product is generally referred to as cornerboard, edge protectors, or V-board. Our corner protectors are great tools to consider when optimizing your pallet loading patterns. Our diagrams help maximize cubic feet per load while minimizing the costs of inflatable and cardboard dunnage, keeping your products safe, secure and damage-free.

Shipping Corner Protection Overview

Each corner protector is produced by laminating multiple plys of paper together forming a rigid right angle. Corner protectors can be supplied plain or printed with your company name, freight handling instructions or other messages.

Reusable, Recyclable or Disposable

corner-protector-usageEdge Protection: protects product edges from strapping and rough handling.

Stacking Strength: increases warehouse space by allowing pallets to be stacked.

Palletizing/Unitizing: increases uniformity and stability of palletized loads.

Interior Reinforcement: increases strength of folding cartons when used as interior support.

Display Packaging: by utilizing one, two or three color print options, you can create packaging that’s ready for retail display.

Corner Protectors: Sizes & Specifications

Corner Protectors / Edge Protectors are made to order cargo protection products. Various size configurations allow corner protectors to be custom fit to any need. There are three measurements that determine size: Leg length, Caliper, Board length.

EXAMPLE: 3 x 3 x .250 x 36”


Is produced from four paper sizes 4,5,6 and 8 inch. The angle is formed with either equal or offset leg length. Popular size listed below.

Paper Size
Leg Length
2″x 2″ or 1.5″x 2.5″
2.5″x 2.5″ or 2″x 3″
3″x 3″ or 2″x 4″
4″x4″ or 3″x5″


Caliper or thickness is measured in thousands of an inch and range from.060 to .500. Custom calipers are available per request. Our Thirteen Standard Sizes are:

.080 .090 .100 .120 .140 .160 .180 .200 .225 .250 .275 .325 .400


corner-protectorCorner protectors are cut to order, any length between 2.5 inches and 16 feet can be ordered.

Specification of Product

  • Degree of Angle – 85 to 95
  • Caliper – Caliper .250 and Below – minus .010” plus .005” Caliper Above .275 – minus .015” plus .005”
  • Leg length Tolerance – plus or minus 1/8” • Board length Tolerance – plus or minus 1/8”

Custom Piece Counts

We realize that there are times when one skid is too much, or exact quantities are required. We strive to remain flexible to your business needs by offering our CHAMPION SERVICE .

Champion Service

  • Less than pallet quantities available
  • Custom Piece Counts Available
  • Call for details

Corner Protectors: Printing Options

cp-labels-appliedHighlight your company’s message with our printing options. Our tight registration press is capable of 1, 2, or 3 color printing with minimal over stamping. Our quality printing gives your company’s name or logo the professional look it deserves!

Custom Printing

We can print your company name, information, logo, handling instructions, product number, or whatever information you would like. This information can be printed on the inside or outside of the product.

Message Center

There are 7 stock messages available for you to choose from. These messages can be mixed and matched.

Print Options

  • Free One Color Printing
  • Minimal one time charge for Plates and Art Work
  • Three Color Capability
  • Call for Details

Available Messages


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