Corrugated Void Fill

Center Drop Corrugated Void Filler

Single drop-down system fills center voids between unit loads, prevents cargo from shifting, and reduces shipping damages.

LD CORE light-weight corrugated void fillers store flat and expand as needed to fill spaces between heavy loads. Used in rail cars, ocean-going containers, and truck shipments, these corrugated void fillers prevent side-to-side load shifting. When you are done, collapse these void fillers to reuse over and over.

Looking for economy cross-wise void fillers? LD CORE II is an economical solution for stretch film wrapped loads only. This lightweight, reusable, recyclable center drop corrugated void filler will keep your cargo loads in place while shipping.

All Litco corrugated void fillers are made to order based on your company’s typical shipping methodology, load sizes and empty areas within your shipping containers. Various size configurations allow this flexible transit protection to be custom fit to any need. There are three primary requirements that together help us determine best use of the void fill style and size and allow us to help you get the best value based on your void fill requirements:

  • Type of shipping container or vehicle
  • Amount of empty cubic feet per shipment
  • Location of empty space (front, rear side)

Our damage prevention experts are ready to help you determine the best allocation of blocking, bracing, void fill and dunnage based on your unique situation. Call us today at 330-539-5433.

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Other available corrugated void fill products:

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