Freight Packaging Solutions

Corrugated void filler example


Litco’s corrugated void filler is an affordable packaging solution that blocks and braces your product during shipping. It is lightweight, reusable, and used to fill voids between unit loads in rail cars, truck trailers, and shipping containers. Our void filler is quicker to install than airbags and less expensive. They come in a variety of designs for optimal load securement. Each one is custom-designed to fit your specific shipping requirements.

load separator cross-section


LITLoad® Separators are a cost-effective and splinter-free alternative to expensive OSB and plywood dividers. Made with an interior honeycomb and wood frame, they prevent end-to-end toppling by blocking high units from falling onto smaller units. They also are great for separating and stacking products to maximize warehouse storage. Never deal with heavy, hard-to-handle, expensive plywood dividers again!

Dunnage Bag example


Dunnage air bags are a packaging solution that secures your cargo and minimizes shipping damage. They prevent lateral and longitudinal shifts due to their outstanding stabilizing capacity and resistance to pressure. Litco offers different sizes of paper and poly woven airbags based on your budget, material preferences, and shipping requirements.

Litkit parts


Moving a washing machine but don’t have transit bolts to secure the drum? Our proprietary LITKIT® offers an alternative shipping solution! This “one kit fit” stabilizes the drum on front load and hybrid top-load washing machines. It effectively locks the drum in place, preventing movement and damage. The kit includes: a) two inflatable vinyl airbags, b) an air pump with an inflator tip, and c) a 3” corrugated block for additional stabilization.

Corner protector in use


​​Corner protectors are cost-effective, lightweight packaging protection that reinforce box edges. Their v-shape provide additional box strength and guard against abrasion, scratches, and dents. Corner protectors are 100% recyclable and enable pallets to be stacked on top of one another. They can be printed with your company’s name or important handling instructions. All corner protectors are made to order. Size is determined by leg length, caliper, and board length.

anti-slip mat material


Made in the US from recycled, granulated rubber, the LitcoSecure Anti-Slip Friction Rubber Mat ensures that your load is unified with the loading surface. Its all-purpose design inhibits slipping of any kind and allows you to optimize your pallet loading patterns. This shipping solution is meant to be used in conjunction with tie-down straps and can be used again and again – making it a great value.

inflation pump


Proper inflation is key to successfully using dunnage bags in a truck, container, or railcar. Under-inflating or over-inflating can cause damage and in some cases, injury. Litco offers a wide range of industry-leading tools for quick and effective airbag inflation.

All Litco products are designed to Carry your products safely and
securely on through the most demanding supply chains.