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Basic Blocking and Bracing

Basic fundamental skills, tasks, or roles necessary in business – often referred to as “blocking and tackling” – is a reference to the game of football, in which blocking and tackling are the most basic skills, but critically important to the success of a team as a whole. Likewise, every manufacturing company has some basic blocking and tackling that must be dealt with in the supply chain and logistics management of the business.Continue Reading…

Litco International Announces New Prices on LITKIT

New Pricing for LITKIT® Universal Washing Machine Shipping Stabilization Kits

Buy LITKIT OnlineIn April of 2011, Litco International created an online store for our LITKIT® universal washing machine shipping stabilization kits.  Adopting an e-commerce strategy was instrumental in making it easier for customers to pay using credit cards, but ease of payment was not the only reason for adopting a shopping cart approach to sales.  Online sales also made it much easier for Litco to sell single inflation stabilization kits to new, non-traditional customers such as home owners.Continue Reading…

Universal-Fit Washing Machine Shipping Kit Available Through Litkit® Distributors Across North America

Distributor Network Provides Unique Stabilization Solution that Prevents Costly Drum and Seal Damage to Washing Machines During Moves

Litco International’s One Kit Fit® alternative to bolting a frontload or top loading washing machine drum in place during transit is now available to moving professionals through a nationwide network of distributors.Continue Reading…