Corner and Edge Protection

Edge Protectors (EdgePro™)

Defend palletized products from costly strapping damage with Litco EdgePro™. Constructed from laminated, recycled paperboard, it provides a right-angle guard that effectively distributes strapping tension across a wider surface. EdgePro™ also provides increased tension capabilities, leading to improved unitization and reinforcement. Sometimes referred to as strap protectors or strap guards, Litco EdgePro™ is a shorter version of Litco CornerPro™.

Benefits and Features

  • Prevents strapping damage
  • Distributes strapping tension across broader surface
  • Improves stabilization, unitization, and internal reinforcement
  • Custom-made to order
  • White or brown paper options
  • Custom-made to order
  • White or brown paper options
  • Custom printing available (i.e. logo, product code, handling instructions, or other details)
  • Made in the USA with superior quality and material durability
  • Economical and 100% recyclable

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